Akshay Kumar’s Serial Killer Movie is Unexciting, Has Forced Humour and No Thrills

Cuttputlli stars Akshay Kumar, Rakulpreet Singh, Sargun Mehta and Chandrachur Singh. Directed by Ranjit M Tewari, the screenplay for the movie is penned by Aseem Arora. The cinematography is by Rajeev Ravi, and the editing is done by Chandan Arora. Julius Packiam composed the background score, and the songs were composed by Tanishk Bagchi and Dr Zues. It is a remake of the Tamil movie Ratsasan (2018), directed by Ram Kumar.

Produced by Pooja Entertainment, the runtime is of 134 minutes. The synopsis reads, “A small town cop is in pursuit of the person behind serial killings plaguing a quaint town; will he be able to catch the criminal before he strikes again?” I have not watched the original, so there won’t be any comparison.

Cuttputlli Review Contains No Spoilers

In Disney+ Hotstar’s Cuttputlli, a serial killer kills young school girls in Kasauli. The serial killer removes one eye, injures the girls badly before killing them and leaves their bodies wrapped in plastic. Whenever the killer kidnaps a girl, they leave a gift box for their parents outside the house. The box contains the face of the damaged Cinderella doll.

We meet Arjan Sethi, who has studied about every possible serial killer. Arjan wants to direct a good serial killer movie. However, he finds no one who understands his vision his as a filmmaker. He goes to Kasauli at his sister’s place his and becomes a cop. In his first case his, Arjan has to find the serial killer who kidnaps and kills the young school girls. Everyone is a suspect in the story. Who is the killer? Will Arjan and the cops succeed in getting their hands on the serial killer?

Movies based on serial killers have a huge fan base, even though sometimes they can be disturbing. If done right, people will not stop praising the director, actors and the entire team. But if done badly, viewers will feel like their time was wasted. I felt the latter while watching and after finishing Cuttputlli.

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The first 30 minutes of Ranjit M Tewari’s movie are very random. While I understand Arjan’s introductory part, the entire school sequence with his niece his was awkward and wasted time. The scene was added only to kickstart the romantic element. Romance is not always needed for crime thrillers.

The plot becomes intriguing when Arjan and the cops investigate the murders. But when the story picks up momentum, the narrative is hindered by forced humour, romance, and a weird song. Why would the makers think we care about Rakul and Akshay’s romance when girls are getting brutally murdered?

The third act of Tewari’s Cuttputlli is badly executed. Everything happens so fast that you feel cheated in the end. Imagine watching a 2 hours movie, and the revelation and motives are explained in 5 minutes. The revelation of the serial killer’s identity and the backstory didn’t send any chills or have no impact.

Cuttputlli Still 2

Akshay Kumar is doing back-to-back movies, and this is his fourth film of 2022. I liked Akshay being subtle as cop Arjan Sethi better than his over-the-top and loud Sooryavanshi. But he sometimes didn’t even care to finish his lines properly. He would eat up words, making the dialogues unclear to hear. Sargun Mehta plays a cop and does a good job. The rest of the cast is sadly wasted.

Kasauli is a beautiful place. But through his lenses his, Rajeev Ravi has captured the lanes that gives a sense of despair and distress. It’s the setting rightly needed for a crime thriller. Sadly, the movie overall is quite disappointing.

Cuttputlli Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Cuttputlli is an unexciting serial killer movie that will leave you disappointed. Despite having a story already available from the original movie, Aseem and Ranjit fail to create something good. It’s ironic how the director showed his protagonist struggling to make a good serial killer movie without any nonsense and ended up doing the same mistake with the remake. Maybe, it’s time to stop remaking good movies. Maybe, it’s time Akshay slows down and becomes selective about his next projects his.

Cuttputlli is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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