Gelatin, collagen supplements are trending, should you take them?

Americans spent almost $300 million on collagen supplements in 2020 with the global market expected to increase. As the most abundant protein in our body and the key structural component of our skin, muscles, bones, blood vessels and connective tissue, it’s easy to understand collagen’s appeal.

A typical Western diet may not contain collagen and our bodies produce less collagen over time from the natural aging process or due to chronic inflammation, stress, nutritional deficiencies or smoking. While there is no blood test to detect collagen levels, this decline can become apparent with skin wrinkles due to loss of elasticity, stiffer joints, gut or digestive issues as well as longer recovery time after injury.

The market is oversaturated with collagen-based products, ranging from collagen peptides to bone broth protein, all manufactured in a variety of digestible mediums.

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