Five Settings To Change Before You Start

Screenshots: : Naughty Dog At this rate, we’ll never see the last of The Last of Us. Ahead of a high-profile HBO adaptation, Naughty Dog released a top-to-bottom remake, called The Last of Us Part Ifor PlayStation 5. Make no mistake: The Last of Us Part I is fundamentally the same exact game as its … Read more

Dev Yells On Steam About Keffals, Transphobia For Some Reason

Screenshots: : Dolphin Barn Incorporated / Steam dominatea small indie game on Steam about managing gladiators has recently started trending online, but not because it’s a really good game or it just got a cool update or anything like that. No, instead, the developer behind the game has included a wild and shitty rant about … Read more

Delightful Steam Game Lets You Run A Spa For Capybaras

Screenshots: : Cozy Bee Games / Kotaku Management sims are games that I love to hate. You face an endless onslaught of extremely demanding customers who want you to perform your services in a very particular way, and pronto. If you leave them unattended for too long, then they make disgruntled faces. Mess up enough … Read more