How (and Why) to ‘Pull the Slack Out of the Bar’ When You Deadlift

Photo: : sportpoint (Shutterstock) Deadlifts can be intimidating. If you’re the type to overthink the details when you’re anxious, then, you’ve probably studied everything about the deadlift—except for one technique that you can’t see so much feel. That is: pulling the slack out of the bar. Some people will tell you that there isn’t any … Read more

Media can now finally stop ignoring Serena Williams’ rotten act

“I swear to God, I’ll f–king take this ball and shove it down your f–king throat!” — Serena Williams before a national and international TV audience to lineswoman Shino Tsurubuchi during the 2009 US Open. Well, we media folks have done it again. We’ve taken indisputable, recurring and conspicuous facts and buried them to create … Read more

Kevin Burkhardt went from obscurity to Fox’s NFL superstar

Living in Bloomfield, NJ, the Burkhardt family’s week culminated with their Sunday ritual. After church in the morning, Kevin Burkhardt, his dad, Wayne, his mom, Betty, and his brother, Brian, would stop at the Village Cupboard to pick up cold cuts and then they sat in front of the TV to watch football all day … Read more

What makes mosquito bites itch and what to do about it

Scratching a mosquito bite inflames the skin, and the inflammation makes the skin itch more. Here is what makes mosquito bites itch and what to do about it. (Kanachaifoto, Adobe ) Estimated reading time: 5-6 minutes ATLANTA — If you’ve ever been bitten by a mosquito, you know how frustrating their bites can be. The … Read more

Knicks can’t ever seem to get it right

RJ Barrett just re-upped with the Knicks for four years and $120 million.Image: Getty Images Nobody has gotten it wrong more than the New York Knicks. The franchise has been nothing short of a total embarrassment. The last time the Knicks won a championship, sportswriters were still using typewriters. How could a franchise — the … Read more

Knicks ‘hopeful’ about Donovan Mitchell trade after RJ Barrett contract

Obi Toppin was slated to throw out the first pitch Tuesday at Citi Field as part of “Knicks Night” when the Dodgers face the Mets. With Donovan Mitchell trade talks not dead despite RJ Barrett’s imminent contract extensionToppin could soon be in line to throw out the first pitch for the Salt Lake Bees — … Read more