This guy is using AI to make a movie — and you can help decide what happens next

CNN — “Salt” resembles many science-fiction films from the ’70s and early ’80s, complete with 35mm footage of space freighters and moody alien landscapes. But while it looks like a throwback, the way it was created points to what could be a new frontier for making movies. “Salt” is the brainchild of Fabian Stelzer. He’s … Read more

Getty Says ‘No’ to AI-Generated Images

Getty Images is fine with altered photos or artistic images, as long as they were created by human hands.Photo: Wirestock Creators (Shutterstock) Deepfakes are no longer desired, fakes are now forlorn, and any AI-originated content will be ostracized from the image hosting website Getty Images. Getty provided a communication originally sent to the site’s contributors … Read more

How this millennial entrepreneur runs a multi-million startup in Japan

Sae Hyung-jung remembers a time when he worried about not having enough money for his next meal. He was 20 years old, and had just founded an artificial intelligence (AI) company that helped students improve their test scores for university entry examinations — but it wasn’t doing well. “I had so much debt and I … Read more

$1 billion in federal economic grants headed coast to coast

WASHINGTON (AP) — The government will send $1 billion worth of federal grants for manufacturing, clean energy, farming, biotech and more to 21 regional partnerships across the nation, President Joe Biden and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo announced Friday. The 21 were chosen from 529 initial applicants vying for grants that were part of last year’s … Read more

Dublin Unified School District Bans Use of Cell Phones During Public Meetings | Dublin News

DUBLIN – School district trustees have prohibited themselves from using their cell phones during public meetings. In a split 3-2 vote Aug. 23, with Dublin Unified School District (DUSD) Trustees Megan Rouse, Kristin Pelham and William Kuo in favor of the ban, the DUSD board agreed to restrict texting with residents during board meetings, but … Read more

Everything New in Chrome 105

Photo: : OpturaDesign (Shutterstock) Google pumps out new software for its web browser like clockwork; so often, in fact, you might tend to tune out new versions when they become available. Don’t skip Chrome 105, though—it patches a bunch of nasty security vulnerabilities, and adds a few new features to boot. Google patches 24 new … Read more

Chip stocks could plunge another 25% as ‘we are entering the worst semiconductor downturn in a decade,’ analyst says

After a rough few months for semiconductor stocks, one Wall Street analyst expects the pain to continue and predicted Tuesday that “we are entering the worst semiconductor downturn in a decade.” In a Tuesday note, Citi Research analyst Christopher Danley wrote that this earnings season marked the first since the pandemic began in which consensus … Read more