The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On September 9, 2022

On your mark, get set … aaand stop. Hello and welcome September 9, 2022.

Mercury turns retrograde, and this is a difficult day for three zodiac signs.

And the fun is only beginning as today also brings us the Moon opposite Venus, which is here to disrupt our love lives, and the Moon square Mars, to make sure we feel hostile and agitated about everything that crosses our path today.

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Strap on those seatbelts, signs, as this ride is going to be all about stop and go. The word of the day is ‘restriction’ and by the time the day is over, it will practically be our religion.

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What’s good about this day? Well, for starters, our moods. We are only at the beginning of the retrograde and we haven’t been kicked around by it yet, so we’re starting this day off with great intentions and big plans for the future.

What we may start to notice is that things are off…and they get that way very quickly. We may not plummet into depression, but we will start to wonder why things aren’t going as smoothly as we may want them to be.

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We could take this any number of ways, but on September 9, 2022, a few of the signs here today may not feel too optimistic about how this whole thing is going down.


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